Commercial Pest Control in California

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Specialized Commercial Pest Control for Business

For 86 years, Crane has specialized in commercial pest control to clients who cannot afford anything less than excellence for their businesses. Crane Pest Control astutely observes and upholds government regulations, industry standards and third-party audits. Our ultimate goal is the protection and enhancement of public health. Due to the people we serve and the specific problems we solve, Crane has been a key influence in the development of pest control standards within both federal and state governments.

Crane provides pest management services to clients in various industries including: commercial business centers, pharmaceutical and biotech research/production campuses, university campuses, national brand food plants, world famous resorts and hotels, wineries, restaurants and clubs, airports, defense industries, apartment complexes and even entire school districts. We are proud of the diversity our clients represent and our ability to not only meet but exceed their service needs.

Individualized Commercial Pest Control Plans

Crane Pest Control individually designs each client’s pest management program to fit their needs and works closely with site personnel to coordinate full implementation of procedures. In addition to a dedicated technician, each account is also assigned a quality assurance manager and technical support team. This multi-layer approach to account management ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of service available.

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to commercial pest control, Crane technicians are recognized and authorized to perform specialized work such as:

  • Bird management
  • Bat exclusion
  • Rodent proofing
  • Insect and rodent electronic monitoring system
  • Food safety
  • Sanitation inspections

Our Programs & Protocols

Our mission is to protect sensitive commercial industries and facilities from pests associated with threats to public health, products or properties. We strive to design each program for maximum results depending upon the specific restrictions associated with each client.We perform very comprehensive and proactive pest treatments (known as Pest Elimination Programs in the industry) for major hotels and restaurants upon request. We provide personalized programs for very sensitive clients such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, research laboratories and communications facilities.